The game is on

Ok, so here at, we like a challenge. This one is no exception. Which is best. High street plonk, home brew kits, or our very own allotment grown grapes, all blended and aged similarly.

This week we started our own home brewed wine kit. California Connoisseur, made of pure Californian Grape Concentrate (yes, fraid so..) and with that we are going to age in oak barrel for a few months.

At the same time, we applied for an allotment with the council. The allotments we have applied for are on good sandy free draining soil. That should take about 2 years to get apparently…

So that just leaves high street plonk. Not just any plonk. The wine we have chosen to trial is the Tempus Two Silver Series Cabernet Sauvignon, from Australia.

So for new world reds, we will be trialing the Californian grape concentrate against an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. We have however decided to use a cabernet pinot blend.

I’ll update as things progress,