Which are the Best Fermenters to Buy?

We’ve had a few people ask us which are the best fermenters to buy for home brewing? Well we want to make this as easy and mess free as possible. So we went for the Fast Ferment 11 litre conical fermenter. Enough for us to make the right amount of our stronger tasting Cabernet. We chose Fast Ferment mainly because we had the large 30 litre one from a few years back, which would be used for the larger amount of Pinot Noir, and had been impressed with the reduced mess.

The 30 litre Fast Ferment conical fermenter

You do have to get the PTFE tape on all the screw locks, and quite a bit… It may be worth keeping a bucket underneath it and filling with water on the first attempt… Twice now we have sprung leaks with the wine going in first… But more PTFE tape seemed to fix it.

PTFE tape…

With a conical fermenter the bentonite grabs the spent yeast particles, and this slides down the sides, and collects at the bottom in the small ball. From experience a bucket fermenter, obviously collects at the bottom of the bucket on a flat surface, and forms a layer. This makes a chore of siphoning off the wine… With the fast ferment conical fermenter, you turn the collection tap off, remove the ball, and empty that, before then putting the hose attachment on. This saves the wine standing around on used yeast particles for too long as well, as you can remove the ball once done and leave the wine in the fermenter, as the air lock will stop air getting in. You may notice (the little green bulb holder in the next photo…), that we made a small adjustment to our fermenters, we added a CO2 valve, not really neccessary, but it means we can blast the surface of our wine with CO2 and create a cushion of purified CO2 over our wine.

The 11 litre Fast Ferment conical fermenter

The 30 litre fermenter comes with wall mounting brackets, its quite big and the struts are pretty strong as you don’t want 30 Kilos of wine falling off the wall. The smaller 11 litre comes with a solid stand, they also swap out the plastic ball for a smaller glass collection vessel. If space were an issue, I could see us putting 2 of the 11 litre fermenters on a desk indoors, but for now they are out in the garage.

Will update more in a few days,